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1) Olive Oil

  • 100% pure Olive Oil is high in nutritious monounsaturated fat.
  • Olive Oil contains a significant number of antioxidants.
  • Extra virgin Olive oil has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Olive Oil can help combat strokes.
  • Olive Oil works as a shield against heart disease.
  • Olive oil is linked with weight loss.
  • Olive Oil is rich in vitamins
  • Olive Oil works great as a skin moisturizer and combats fungal infections

2) Black Seed Shampoo

    • Black Seeds prevents hair fall and repairs dull and damaged hair.
    • Intense, nourishing, and deep hair care shampoo that restores your hair strength.
    • Ideal coverage brings shine, thickness, and smoothness from root to tip.
    • It can be absorbed rapidly into the skin, nourishing the hair follicles.

3) Honey

  • It is good as an aid in differentiating extra gastric acid present in the stomach.
  • People take it as a medicine during winter for their dry cough, flu, etc.
  • Moreover, It can be used in the treatment of Coronavirus or other seasonal diseases.
  • It contains trace elements of sulfur and potassium which is helpful in the treatment of liver dysfunction.
  • Honey contains seventy different qualities to aid health and is full of nutrients.
  • It is useful for the skin and a good antibiotic which is good in the treatment of fever and respiratory track itchiness.
  • It supports the immune system and increases energy and speeds weight loss, among others.

4) Lavender Soap

    • Lavender soap doesnโ€™t just smell good, it has various benefits for the skin such as removing acne, replaces old cells of your skin with new ones, and detoxifies the skin.
    • It prevents skin from wrinkles and dark spots.
    • It cleans and hygiene skin of impurities.