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Only Natural (Daily Essential Kit) Save Rs.336

1)ย Aloe Veraย Oil (120ml)

- Our 100% Pure & Natural Aloe veraย oil isย wealthyย in vitamins and minerals, it rejuvenates your skin and hair cells. Applying this oil mayย applyย skin-lightening and anti-agingย impacts. It canย recuperateย dimย spots, wrinkles,ย stretchย marks, and dry skin issues.

2) Charcoal Soap

- Charcoal soap is widely used by skin care companies. It is used by famous pharmaceutical companies for their skincare products and in cosmetics because of its instant absorbing properties of activated charcoal.


- Due to its extraordinary absorbing quality, it removes dirt and other harmful bacteria from the depth of your skin.

- It helps in removing blackheads and acne from the skin.

- It cleans or purifies the skin from various harmful bacteria when used as a face cleanser or soap.

3)ย White Ginger Shampoo (200ml)

-ย It gently loosens flakes and helps soothe dry, itchy scalps. If you live in fear of flakes, this is the best white ginger shampoo for dry scalps. It helps take care of the snowstorm shoulders that can drive a dandruff sufferer to distraction, and smells pleasantly โ€“ well, gingery. It nourishes and refreshes your scalp as well as treats your scalp to prevent breakages.

4) Acacia Honey (250 Gram)

- It is not wrong to be said that Acacia is one of the most perfect honeys in the world. It is one of the most excellent honey produced by bees which pollinate with the flowers of black locusts tree.